Tessa Sulston

Address: Lower House, Church Street, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 7AN
Phone number: 01579 383491

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Website: www.callingtonartschool.com

Artist Discipline(s): Image & Text,Painting & Mixed-media,Photography & Printmaking

I studied Fine Art at Hornsey College of Art, London and taught art in London and Australia but for the last 20 years at Magdalen College School in Oxford. I moved to Cornwall in 2006 to set up my own school. I like to look in closely at the world, sometimes on the moor and in the valley but more often by the sea. The ever-changing visual imagery of the Cornish coast is my source of inspiration. I paint in thin layers and glazes of colour. Naturally occurring colours fascinate me and I try to layer them in depths into the painting. The shapes and patterns of water, sand, pebbles and rocks give me the structure to work around. I work in mixed media and acrylic but mainly in oils. I also take photographs and work in photographic silk screen printing.

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